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Demonstrations 2017
Meetings start at 7:30pm and demonstrations at 8:00pm.
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January 28 INSTALLATION/AWARDS LUNCHEON. Harry's Hofbrau, reserved room in the back, 11:30am to 1pm.
February 24 LAURIE JOHNSON (oil floral). Laurie began drawing and painting at age 12, and continued her art studies through high school and college, then moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to study full time at the Scottsdale Artist School where she studied under 30 well known artists. In 2006 Laurie traveled to Paris, France, where she attended French immersion classes, painted afternoons around Paris and attended museums weekends, especially the Musee D’Orsay. She also painted in Monet’s Gardens for 10 days while there. After returning, Laurie continued her studies at the Watts Atelier in Southern California. She is currently represented by Chapman Gallery in Carmel, CA. and teaches oil painting on the weekends at the Redwood City/San Carlos Art Center.
March 24

TERESA BEYER (watercolorist). Teresa will demonstrate how to stretch watercolor paper around a thick wooden frame. After it dries this can be painted on including edges and thereby doesn’t need a frame. Also no glass to deal with. Teresa studied commercial art and design in Los Angeles in 1996 and pursued a successful career in desktop publishing and freelance graphic art services. All the time a voice in her head kept saying, “Why don’t you go draw or paint something?” So she became active in the Ventura, CA, art community. While there she did a collection of commissioned paintings which are permanently displayed in the Pierpont Inn. She moved to Prescott, Arizona, in 2005 where she served as the plein aire coordinator for the South Western Art Association. In 2009 Teresa began her “Painting a Day” concept and took great pleasure in the flexibility gained by painting small and often. After moving to San Antonio, Texas, in 2011 she became active in the First Friday Art walks and studied oil at Southwest School of Art. This mobile gal moved again to Mountain View, CA, in 2013 and joined half a dozen art groups plus located her studio at The Art Center of Redwood City/San Carlos. Visit her website is

April 28 GERALD BOYD (pastel portrait). Gerald won Best of Show at last summer’s SWA Annual, as well as Popular Vote in same show with another of his wonderful portraits. After graduating from high school in Southern California, Gerald was hired as an apprentice pictorial artist at Foster & Kleiser Outdoor Advertising Company in Los Angeles.  He would spend the next five years studying at night with a prominent artist and teacher, Theodore Lukits. Gerald worked painting giant outdoor advertisements until technology rendered that craft virtually extinct. By the 1980s he decided it was time to get more serious about his art career and so he became involved in art organizations and started entering paintings in competitive exhibitions. He has explored a wide variety of subject matter, but his paintings seem to inevitably come back to the human experience. He now paints in all media and is a Signature Member of both SWA and the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and awarded the Pastel Society of America  in New York Signature Membership award. Visit his website at
May 26 SUSAN BOURDET “BOLD & BEAUTIFUL, BACKYARD WILDLIFE IN WATERCOLOR" (DVD). Susan is a popular Audubon print artist, author and teacher. She has a background in biology and loves photographing wildlife in her home state of Oregon. In this video she shows how to create luminous wet-in-wet backgrounds, dry brush weathered wood, knot holes and nails, use of gouache to add sunlit sparkle, how to achieve depth, plus a cascade of delicate vibrant flowers. 
June 23 ROBIN STEARNS (oil cityscrape demonstration). This versatile artist and instructor from the Redwood City-San Carlos Art Center will present her unique "cityscrape" style which produces a story about the light, motion and energy of the city. She deconstructs her cityscrapes using rollers, knives, scrapers and sponges. Robin graduated from MIT in Boston and a year later founded a publisher's production company that provided editorial, layout, design, and illustration services to large textbook publishing companies. When her children came along, she created Little City Kids, a preschool and childcare center that focused on teaching children through hands-on art projects. She didn’t start fine art painting until 2012, when she took her first painting class and was hooked! She is fascinated by the magic of the paint and pushing the limits of traditional art. Visit her website at
July 28 NO MEETING; EDGEWOOD PARK "PAINT-OUT" (painting, photography, hiking, eating) from 9am to 12pm, carpool as parking is limited, use parking lot(s) off Edgewood Road, bring a lunch, wear long pants, and have fun!
August 25 LYNETTE COOK (acrylic illustrator). Lynette will give us a program on two of her latest gallery exhibits which include selections from her Shadows and Silhouettes and Mother & Daughter series (her painting and her mother’s fabric wall-hanging of the same subjects). After graduating with an MFA from the California College of the Arts (drawing, with a specialization in scientific illustration), she became the staff Artist/Photographer for the Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences, for sixteen years. During this time she published a book of her astronomical images of new planets outside our solar system. Though traditional media was her starting point, the computer came along and pushed her creativity into the digital realm. Missing the feel of a paintbrush in her hand and the joy of watching a blank, white surface transform into a recognizable image, she returned to her artistic roots in 2010 via acrylic painting.  She now focuses on the urban environment of the San Francisco Bay Area from historical landmarks to more common “everyday” scenes. See flier re Imagery Estate Winery Gallery Days on June 25, 2017, at Glen Ellen, CA. Visit her website at
September 22 AMY RATTNER (watercolor). Amy will be presenting a PowerPoint program on her unique watercolor painting style. Many of her figurative abstract pieces highlight the link between native cultures and their sacred animals. Amy grew up near Salinas and her love of the Monterey Peninsula has never waned, as shown in her choice of various sea life subjects. Today she lives in Woodside with her family. Amy received her BA and MA degrees from Stanford University and began her career as a graphic designer, working for Stanford and then for her own company, Kindred-Storey Designs. In 2011 she began painting pet portraits for private clients. After attending an intensive water media workshop in Taos, New Mexico, led by famed watercolor artists Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Fran Larsen and Katherine Chang Liu, Amy discovered a new, fresh style of painting that is uniquely her own. Her studio is at the Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos. Visit her beautiful website at for a visual treat!
October 27 DAVID COLEMAN (photography) David will give a presentation on color, explaining the physiology behind how we “see” color and how it applies to photography and art.  You will learn how we perceive color, brightness and contrast and how to apply these principles to image creation. David was born and raised in Mexico City, is a master photographer and provider of fulfilling and safe photography workshops in Mexico. Everything has been arranged for your convenience and safety such as the best shooting locations and times, local cuisine, and comfortable accommodations.  He also offers a series of popular photography day workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, one-to-one private coaching, and custom printing services. Visit his website at
November 17 STARR DAVIS (multi-media). This multi-media artist will demonstrate clay-slip Mono-Print making. Starr works in clay, watercolors and acrylics, has a BA in Art and additional art education from the Art Institute of Chicago and San Jose State University. Her varied background includes Art Curator for eight years at the Alaska International Art Institute in Anchorage, and as visiting Artist/Teacher for the Yosemite Art Activities Center from 1988 to 1995. She has also authored/illustrated two books, “Tongues and Totems” and “Starr’s Mussels.” Her art is a discovery. Using line and color she searches for a feeling that resonates with her heart. Always changing nature inspires her. Come see this versatile artist and visit her website at

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